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This is where the truth, depth, transformation and creation lives.


​Movement, conscious breathing, sound, touch, meditation, smells - these are the closest ways for me to express myself, feel, experience, understand, treat, love, know. Therefore, it is through body practices that involve healing sound (including the voice), movement, smells, breathing, that I invite you to meet your deep being, where Love and Gratitude have always been and are.

Pagrindinis: Services

Gratitude. I recently experienced Innerdance with Justina Saje. It was an extraordinary, beautiful trip. I am so glad that I started this internship with Justina. I felt special, protected all the time, as if a fairy was flying around me. And the experience itself was extremely light, easy, one of enjoyment and pleasure. I really thoroughly enjoyed myself, although I know things can go wrong during these sessions. I came out of curiosity to experience for myself and I was impressed. After everything, I realized that wow, what a luxury I live in, that I can experience and experience such things not out of a sense of lack, when turning to similar specialists with the aim of solving some problem (such an option is also welcome), but out of abundance and fullness, when I let my for the body to taste, experience, discover. This realization was so expansive! How blessed I am, what wonderful times I live in, and how grateful I am to myself for the path I have taken to these experiences. Because during the session I found beautiful insights about close relationships, love, but all the time through pleasure. It is possible to grow and improve in this way, out of pleasure and conscious choice, not only through difficult experiences.
Gratitude. To myself for the path taken, for discoveries and realizations through pleasure. Gratitude to Justin for the special support. I recommend this Master. (Rasa)

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