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As the diversity of practitioners increased and a circle of like-minded people appeared, camps were born. They are intended for those who want to look at themselves, hear themselves, meet their true being - their soul. The essential purpose of the camps is to experience one's divine being, to understand that we have never been, are not and will not be alone, to experience ourselves as a part of the whole, as a creator. And also to experience the joy of earthly existence - through rest, communication, delicious food, beautiful surroundings... ​


Feedback from the participants of the camp held in January: ​


"I came without expectations, not knowing what to expect, what will happen... This camp/weekend gave me the opportunity to be surrounded by wonderful and different women, to share experiences, pains. A time of emotions and experiences! Absolutely loved it. I released my emotions, found peace and strength. I leave with the desire to go forward and improve further. Thank you." Evelina ​​


"Thank you, thank you (which comes from within) for communication, acceptance, understanding. An oasis of calm, wonderful event coordinators, delicious food. I would like to visit again. I love you!" Virginia


​ "The whole camp was accompanied by a feeling of lightness and naturalness. You created a space where you didn't need masks, you could safely be yourself, as your inner self wanted now. The gentle but deep practices drew the "devils" from inside the soul, but it was completely calm and safe to go to processes. What is this camp about? And about the safe, freedom to be yourself among the same women, each of whom is unique and unique, free, allowing yourself to dive into your own depth. This is the time you allow yourself to give yourself to renew, to hear your inner voice and just be without unnecessary expectations. Thank you, it was good. I left with the feeling that now I have more than one soul sister.." Margarita

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