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I created this page to share what inspires me, helps me to come back to myself, when there is too much noise around, when the mind boils from all the world's worries, and emotions and feelings have no place to put themselves.


I started my inner search when I was 18 because I felt so sensitive and vulnerable inside that I didn't know how to live with it. Looking for ways to help myself, I found yoga classes, which were not popular at the time, a little later I discovered conscious breathing, Buddhist spiritual practices, vipassana meditation, later I became interested in Tibetan sound bowls and other sound practices, body, movement and dance therapy, innerdance, flow coaching, ecstatic dance, kundalini yoga...(the end is not yet in sight:)


All these practices and experiences during them helped and help me to get closer to the real me, the way I am. I am learning to accept all my feelings that arise without trying to deny them, even if it is very uncomfortable. By practicing spiritual practices, I connect with my body and soul, then my heart opens and it becomes easy and good to be. In addition, during them I release accumulated unnecessary tensions and emotions, and creativity is born from relaxation.

All the practices I have tried seemed to be the most effective at the time I discovered them. But I was always drawn to something new! Today I understand that all this happened and is happening for a reason, because all these experiences help me to express myself in a unique way and, combined, to give to others!

So, until pleasant meetings on the common road.


+370 611 35682

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