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​Therapy of singing bowls and other archaic instruments

Sound can both create and destroy. I choose creativity and the kind of sound that restores strength, inspires, uplifts or even transforms.

Singing bowls, also called small gongs, were used in ancient times by shamans to reach higher states of consciousness, and in Tibetan temples Buddhist monks used them in religious rituals. Now, both in the East and in the West, these instruments are mostly used for therapeutic purposes, as studies have proven the benefits of the sound they emit for the entire human body.

What makes these instruments special?

Singing bowls are made of an alloy of different metals. After hitting the bowl with a special stick, the sounds produced are characterized by perfect harmony. These sounds immerse a person in a meditative state. Clinical studies have proven that depression, various addictions, headaches and many other ailments are reduced when a person is in a meditative state. At the same time, a person rests and relaxes.

How is the session going?

During the sound session, the person lies comfortably on the ground. Singing bowls are placed next to the body. One or more bowls are placed on the body so that not only their sounds, but also the vibrations emitted are clearly felt and subtly affect every cell of the body. In addition to singing bowls, other archaic instruments are also played, including the most powerful voice.

The session lasts about 40 minutes.

How to prepare?

You should dress comfortably, it is advisable to have warmer socks.

I started my conscious audio journey as soon as the first seminars appeared in Lithuania. From the beginning I was captivated by the healing sounds. When I play archaic instruments in my sessions, something magical is born. I feel the universe itself playing and singing through me. It is the most amazing creative expression!

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