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Fri, May 17



REALITY=FEMININITY. Healing Women's Weekend

In the healing women's circle, we will all learn to allow OURSELVES to be as they are now and through this we will watch our own transformation. BECAUSE only by accepting yourself and your feelings, will there be space to accept the person around you. So, do not doubt, this stay will be valuable not only for YOU, but also for those to whom you will return after it.

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REALITY=FEMININITY. Healing Women's Weekend
REALITY=FEMININITY. Healing Women's Weekend

Time & Location

May 17, 2024, 4:00 PM – May 19, 2024, 4:00 PM

Varkutonys, Trakų raj. Aukštadvario sen. Varkutonių k, 21267 Varkutonys, Lietuva

About the event

  • We invite you to breathe out the worries of the world for a few days and allow yourself to be as you are - without any need, must, can, do, know, don't know, know or don't know....
  • In the healing women's circle, we will all learn to allow OURSELVES to be as they are now and through this we will watch our own transformation. BECAUSE only by accepting yourself and your feelings, will there be space to accept the person around you. So, do not doubt, this stay will be valuable not only for YOU, but also for those to whom you will return after it.
  • We invite you as you are at that moment: angry, sensitive, closed or just wide open to the world, sullen or unhappy, happy or resistant, stuck and in full flow

So, in this short gathering:

- we will learn to know and understand ourselves;

- we will explore our limits;

- we will guide ourselves through certainty;

- we will get to know our body and voice


Kundalini yoga. In the mornings we will rise together with the sun and the practice of kundalini yoga. Kundalini yoga is a powerful awareness practice that combines physical exercises (asanas), conscious breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation and chanting of mantras. Kundalini yoga balances the endocrine system, strengthens the nervous system, cleanses toxins, strengthens the energy field and much more. Read more about kundalini yoga and its benefits in the section kundalini yoga

The practice of silence. Sometimes all it takes is a moment of silence to heal. And if it happens in a women's circle, surrounded by nature? Transformation and healing become inevitable.

Innerdance and conscious breathing. These two transformative practices will help you let go of the old, welcome the new, experience yourself anew, connect with your true being. Read more about conscious breathing and innerdance in the sections Innerdance and conscious breathing

Movement Practice/Ecstatic Dance - Some will walk straight, while others are still learning to walk into a state where the body is in full flow, connected to source. During this state, one can experience ecstasy, which liberates, helps to release the accumulated tensions and anxiety in the body, to receive answers, to feel unconditional love and joy for everything around.

Sauna ritual. In the sauna we will experience the power of feminine magic through loud laughter, tears, magical sounds and the opening of the voice and through the most real, naked PRESENCE. And those who want can dive into the cold water of the lake to wash off what is old.

Cocoa ceremony. Live cocoa will even join the opening of the heart several times.

AWAITING YOU: warm and real women's conversations, lots of support, seeing, listening...

Through authenticity and self-listening, we will create a more beautiful relationship with the world!


"I came without expectations, not knowing what to expect, what will happen...

This camp/weekend provided an opportunity to be surrounded by wonderful and different women, to share experiences, pains. A time of emotions and experiences! Absolutely loved it. I released my emotions, found peace and strength. I leave with the desire to go forward and improve further. Thank you." Evelina

"Thank you, thank you (which comes from within) for communication, acceptance, understanding. An oasis of calm, wonderful event coordinators, delicious food. I would like to visit again. I love you!" Virginia

"The whole camp was accompanied by a feeling of lightness and naturalness. You created a space where you didn't need masks, you could safely be yourself, the way your inner Self wanted now. Gentle but deep practices pulled the "devils" from inside the soul, but it was completely calm and safe to go to the processes. What is this camp about? And about the safe, freedom to be yourself among the same women, each of whom is unique and unique, free, allowing yourself to dive into your own depth. This is the time you allow yourself to give yourself to renew, to hear the inner voice and just be without unnecessary expectations. Thank you, it was good. I left with the feeling that now I have more than one soul sister.." Margarita

What is the "Experiential Weekend" about for me? For the first time, I allowed myself to put myself first. I allowed myself to be open, vulnerable, "naked", despite internal prohibitions and self-protection mechanisms. There was a lot of everything, tears, laughter, songs, dances, lots of tenderness and hugs. I realized how lucky I am to be with so many different women, although in the process you realize that those differences are about the same thing - FEELINGS, EXPERIENCES, GENTLENESS and SELF-LOVE. Through being together, I realized that I have my SISTERS by my side who accept me unconditionally, with an open heart and gently accompany me on my journey.

I was fine and safe. Thank you. God

"It was a wonderful time, overflowing with emotions, kindness and heart-to-heart openness.

I thank the girls who were together because it is a unique experience. Self-knowledge and acceptance of the other. Such moments do not happen twice. Thank you for every second spent together. Kissing."

"I could be myself in the camp. The created environment was cozy and safe for all emotions to spread. Here, one moment, women's giggles rang out, the next, tears flowed in streams. Freedom, security, femininity, certainty"

TIME: 2024 on May 17-19

LOCATION: The women's weekend will be held at SHANTI resort, Trakai district.

FOR RESERVATIONS: Write to or register on this website

PRICE: 333 euros. (payment in installments is possible)

The price includes:

-Two nights in the Villa;

-Healthy vegetarian food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks);

- Bath ritual;

-An abundance of amazing, transformative practices.

IMPORTANT: The number of places in the homestead is extremely limited. An advance of 100 euros is required for the reservation (the advance is returned only if the organizers cancel the camp)

Advance payment account:

Justina Saje

LT59 3250 0088 0458 6187


Justina Saje (Prem Teja)

I am a certified instructor of kundalini yoga, conscious breathing, innerdance, flow coaching, sound therapy, for many years I have been interested in everything that awakens awareness, strengthens the connection with the inner being, soul, creator and the world around us. I am fascinated and inspired by practices that transform, allow you to feel yourself as part of a whole, complete, complete, imperfectly perfect. So I learn, grow and share what I live and believe with others.

Gabriele Šupalaitė

Practicing different self-knowledge and spiritual practices for 5 years, extremely empathetic. Through empathic and movement practices, she began a journey into the world of energies that gave her gifts meant not only for her, but also for people. Connecting with nature, sounds and movement leads Ecstatic dances and meditations. People often tell her that her conversation or being with them is healing and helps them see things that are usually hard to see.

Regvita Janušonytė

Certified innerdance instructor, coaching specialist, constantly interested in and practicing various practices - to get to know yourself and another person and improve the quality of life.

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